[linux-elitists] Getting a new USB devices to work with {Favorite} LInux distribution.

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Tue Sep 12 05:47:55 PDT 2006

This is aimed at a target audience that include LE and really certain
subscribers to it.

I having sound mind and judgment (please don't deny me me fantasy), have
purchased an MP3/"PlaysForSure"/OtherMedia/Picture/Video player. A
Sandisk Sansa e250. 2GB iPod Nano killer. Yes, I like it barring 2

     1. The menu navigation scroll ring doesn't slide as nicely as one
        would expect. But that should change through use.
     2. Linux Distributions I have tried, see it. Just don't know how to
        address it or speak to it. Having 2 modes MTP (Media Transfer
        Protocol) and MSC (Mass Storage Class).

Just to clarify, Windows Media Player (with "Playforsure" Rights
Management) requires the use of MTP. SO, I am guessing the preferred
mode for use with Linux would be MSC. At least I hope that is a good

What would one need to do to get this device (device class from Sandisk)
to be recognized by udev, hal, usb-id, freedesktop... etc,

Wandering, inquiring enthusiasts, exceedingly and enthusiastically want
to know about the fantastic world of "inner workings" of the whole new
device registration process for the whole Alternative OS arena!

Or better know as:
        Have Device and included CDROM docs in hand, what do you
        want/need to know?

greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

The technology that is
Stronger, better, faster:  Linux

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