[linux-elitists] Heise covers Greg K-H

Dan Martinez dfm@razorwind.org
Sun Mar 5 21:16:15 PST 2006

Bob Bernstein wrote:

> Hmm...the 'auf Englisch' link seems to have eluded me. But then surely
> it eluded many others, yes?
> Anybody got a translation?

Here's a stab:


Novell has announced that Suse Linux will, in future, no longer
contain any proprietary drivers. This affects not only Suse Linux
10.1, developed under the openSUSE project and currently in beta
testing, but also the forthcoming Version 10 of Suse Linux Enterprise
Server (SLES) and the Novell Linux Desktop (NLD). The option of using
the Suse-specific update mechanism to load closed-source modules such
as nVidia's graphics drivers will likewise fall by the wayside.
Proprietary firmware, as loaded by some drivers (such as the Centrino
WLAN driver) will, however, remain supported. With these changes,
Novell wishes to take into account the concerns of those kernel
developers who have, for fundamental or technical reasons, spoken out
against proprietary drivers

The company is, however, already working on a solution with the
vendors which will allow users to operate hardware for which only
proprietary Linux drivers exist. The plan calls for a mechanism
whereby users can simply find and activate vendor-provided
installation and update sources. In addition, Novell supports the
manufacturers in the development of open-source drivers, as well as
the relocation of binary components to userspace or firmware files.


Also, while we're being all teutonic and stuff, I'll point out that
Don *should* have said "SUSETreiberpolizei *im* Haus!". But nobody's
perfekt. Er, I mean vollkommen. Er... oh, bugger.


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