[linux-elitists] I agreed not to help you, can you help me?

J Sloan joe@tmsusa.com
Wed Jun 14 15:02:08 PDT 2006

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Greg Folkert (greg@gregfolkert.net):
>> On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 14:34 -0400, Etienne Goyer wrote:
>>> J Sloan <joe@tmsusa.com> wrote :
>>>> Just so we're all on the same page, what is the distro of choice for real
>>>> linux elitists?
>>> Gentoo, of course.
>> lfs you mean.
>> Bah, Gentoo is now providing binaries, who needs that.
> Greg, did you and J Sloan _really_ need to accept M. Goyer's request for
> public displays of extremely lameness, i.e., distribution advocacy?
> Please don't force me to post a $DISTRO equivalent of Lou and Peter
> Berryman's song "Your State's Name Here"

Actually that might be rather edifying...


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