[linux-elitists] Did anybody miss the listserver while it was down?

Bob Bernstein rs@bernstein.providence.ri.us
Tue Jun 13 23:53:17 PDT 2006

On Tue, Jun 13, 2006 at 11:03:58PM -0700, Rick Moen wrote:

> A highly reasonable choice, if somewhat surprising: Switching MTAs
> tends to be painful enough that it's not done without shooting 100%
> of existing sysadmins among the userbase, first. 

There's consternation, and a lot of discussion. No homocide
(bofhcide?) reported -- yet.

> It's new news, and interesting.  (Thanks.) What's not entirely news
> is that pf got very good, very quickly; evidently the right people
> noticed.

This was my first go 'round with pf, and just skimming the man page
was quite an experience. For that matter, skimming the example pf.conf
files is quite an experience. With that, I'll shut up, because I'm not
qualified to give more than mere impressions.

Bob Bernstein   

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