[linux-elitists] Running 2.6 kernels? Time to check patchlevels

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 17 11:36:33 PDT 2006

Jon Corbet, are you feeling like Cassandra, yet?  I note, in last
Wednesday's LWN, the editorial "Denial of reality vulnerabilities" 
(http://lwn.net/Articles/191080/), tsk-tsking a couple of security
advisories' mischaracterisations of CVE-2006-2451 in 2.6 kernels from
2.6.13 up until just before and as merely a "DoS
vulnerability", when the bug created an obvious path to local root

...which was in fact exploited on gluck.debian.org (aka cvs, ddtp,
lintian, people, popcon, planet, ports, and release), the very same day:

Per http://lwn.net/Articles/191166/, the hole was noted June 19, and 
cleared for public discussion on July 6.

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