[linux-elitists] Oracle: friend or foe?

JIm Thompson jim@netgate.com
Tue Feb 14 17:39:27 PST 2006

So first Oracle buys InnoDB


then Sleepycat:


Both of whom supply "storage engine" technology to MySQL.

"Sleepy Cat CEO says "Oracle deal and attempt to disrupt MySQL"

> NEWTON, Mass. -- Oracle Corp.'s acquisition of Innobase OY is largely
> an effort to disrupt rival database vendor MySQL AB and is a testament
> to the growing momentum of open source software (OSS), the outspoken
> president and CEO of SleepyCat Software said in an interview.

So much for the rumored storage engine replacement from Sleepycat:

Now obviously these engines are still source availble, and Oracle may
even continue to develop them, but probably not along directions that
make life at MySQL any easier.   Even with the technology, MySQL AB's
revenue stream is going to get more difficult to maintain.


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