[linux-elitists] Can this person be helped?

Aaron Burt aaron@bavariati.org
Wed Feb 8 15:38:26 PST 2006

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 02:38:29PM -0500, Tom Clark wrote:
> On a LUG mailing list to which I subscribe, I enjoy the regular postings
> of another subscriber who works primarily with Windows.  She seems to
> make a point of posting a message whenever she encounters a non-Windows
> system that has a security issue.

Issues she personally encounters, or reads about somewhere else?  
In any case I'm sure it's quite nice of her.

> While I'm sure she means well, the messages seem to have a "You Linux
> geeks think you're all that, but you're not!" tone. 

And...?  Is this something you feel a need to take personally?

> She never seems to post about problems with Windows systems, 

That's quite nice of her as well.  After all, it's a Linux list.

> This is really just a minor annoyance, but I am struck by the failure of
> this person to get Linux. 

What's to get?

> Her point of view has been so strongly shaped by Windows use that she
> just can't seem to understand anything else.  Is there a way to reach
> people like this, or must we just write them off as computing's lost
> generation?  Is there a twelve step program?

Why?  As a motorcycle user, I don't feel the need to "reach" people who
don't ride.  I just watch out for the clueless ones and encourage the
ones who are interested.  If someone points out that it's dangerous, I
nod and smile and sometimes thank the person for their concern.

"Individuals with Wernicke's aphasia speak extremely fluently but with
 no informative purpose" 

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