[linux-elitists] Can this person be helped?

Bob Bernstein rs@bernstein.providence.ri.us
Wed Feb 8 14:54:13 PST 2006

Don Marti wrote:

> All IT arguments are based on rationalizing what the user has 
> already chosen for social or emotional reasons. 

The above is a very weak claim. It seems to convey information about
the nature of "IT arguments." But, unless you first say how IT
arguments differ from any other kinds of arguments -- supposing they
do -- the above is equivalent to "All IT arguments are matters of
opinion." One would be hard-pressed then to say how that was not
equivalent to "All arguments are matters of opinion."

Sorry about the errant frappr invite!

Bob Bernstein

A person of great honour in Ireland (who was pleased to
stoop so low as to look into my mind) used to tell me that
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if I did not give it employment.
                                        Jonathan Swift

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