[linux-elitists] DoD and standards.

James Sparenberg james@linuxrebel.org
Sun Dec 24 19:35:44 PST 2006

As a number of people on this mailing list could well be in a position to 
promote standards compliance, and may always need current 
ammunition to argue against the PHB's of the world.  This bit of news has come 
across my desktop that I feel could be useful in promoting standards 
compliance and the value of such.

It seems that the DoD has decided to actively block all HTML e-mail.  
Additionally questioning the continued use of outlook and it's siblings.  If 
the DoD moves this way the rest of government (in the US) won't be far 
behind.  NASA and the NSA are two others that to the best of my knowledge in 
part or whole also practice active blocking of HTML e-mail



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