[linux-elitists] Dual bore - a question on diagnosis

Dave Jones davej@redhat.com
Thu Dec 21 07:49:01 PST 2006

On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 02:19:50PM +0000, Phil Mayers wrote:

 > >CONFIG_HIGHMEM ? wtf is this ? 1999 ?
 > >
 > >In the unlikely event that the computer has the one generation
 > >of core duo that didn't have 64bit support, send it back and ask
 > >for a real computer.
 > Hi Dave - Will says hello.

Heh, small world eh?

 > It's not that (I think). The 64bit FC6 actually runs better than the 
 > 32bit one, but still suffers from the slowdowns.
 > What's really annoying is, it's hard to pin down what is slow. The 
 > entire machine feels (extremely) slow, but that could be any one of 
 > SATA, RAM, irqbalance going crazy, bus, power saving down-clocking the 
 > CPU...
 > I've been told I can't return it, because HP have said:
 > RHEL5 will support the hardware and is out in January

I'll see if I can track one of these down at the office later, we've
got a ton of HP kit.  What model number was it again?

 > ...so I've been told to wait a couple of weeks. Quite what HP are doing 
 > making such announcements to our purchasing manager I don't know, but 
 > what I do know is that neither a fully-patched FC6 nor Rawhide, nor a 
 > 2.6.20rc1 kernel will run at normal speed on it, meaning it's 
 > phenomenally unlikely RHEL5 will be any different. If so, I'm looking 
 > forward to kicking some arse in January when HP turn out to have been 
 > wrong.

Hmm. booting with cpufreq.debug=7 and eyeballing dmesg might give some
clues if its CPU scaling at work that's going awry.  Without more info
though it's hard to provide a diagnosis.



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