[linux-elitists] linux graphical lossless mp3 cutter?

Marc MERLIN marc@merlins.org
Wed Dec 20 23:20:47 PST 2006

On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 07:35:55AM +0200, Arnold Greyling wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 04:34:07PM -0800, Marc MERLIN wrote:
> > I've been trying to find a better mp3 cutter, which would basically allow me
> > to cut out pieces of an mp3 (commercial or whatever) without
> > decoding/reencoding the entire file.
> Have a look at Mp3Splt at http://mp3splt.sourceforge.net/mp3splt_page/home.php

mp3splt is a cool piece of software, I use it all the time to split albums
in a single file by cddb info, or with the .cue that came with it.
I didn't know they recently added a gtk interface though.

That said, while it's very useful for the purpose above, it doesn't let you
remove pieces of an mp3 file, it's only meant to split a big file into small
I suppose if I can't find anything better, I can do manual splits with it,
and then use some kind of mp3asm, but I was hoping for something a bit more

Thanks for the shot though.
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