[linux-elitists] linux graphical lossless mp3 cutter?

Marc MERLIN marc@merlins.org
Wed Dec 20 16:34:07 PST 2006

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I've been trying to find a better mp3 cutter, which would basically allow me
to cut out pieces of an mp3 (commercial or whatever) without
decoding/reencoding the entire file.

Basically, the only one I've found is mpcut:

unfortunately, it's very old, clunky, breaks with id3v2 tags, and has other
interface quirks that make it hard to use.

Is there another option you know about and that you have used?
Actually, I would almost even settle for a simple windows gui app that works
under wine/crossover 

BTW, another way is to do this:
1) use xmms to find the cut points
2) i=Armin\ van\ Buuren\ -\ A\ State\ of\ Trance\ 100\ 050603.mp3; mp3cut -o new.mp3 -t 0:2-55:35 "$i" -t 60:00-118:07 "$i" -t 121:32-178:40 "$i" -t 182:18-239:04 "$i" -t 242:38-295:39 "$i"
   with mp3cut from apt-get install poc-streamer

but that's pretty tedious to do :)

If you have better ideas, I'm all ears :)

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