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Chris Ball cjb@mrao.cam.ac.uk
Mon Dec 18 14:04:17 PST 2006

>> On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 16:09:33, Joakim Ziegler <joakim@avmaria.com> said:

   >> 3. Nvidia/ATI fanboys keep squawking about Intel gfx being teh
   >> suxorz, and they don't have multihead and DVI out, so they're teh
   >> suxorz.  And you should really put another damn fan in your
   >> computer because it's like, got a cheesy-looking neon-colored duct
   >> and shit on it.

   > I don't think it's reasonable to group DVI with this. DVI is
   > becoming standard, and that's as it should be, there's just no
   > point in running an originally digital signal from the graphics
   > card to a digital LCD over an analog cable just because. Also,
   > newer, higher-res and larger LCD panels can't be driven from analog
   > RGB, and that's going to become more and more common. 

I think Adam Jackson mentioned recently that the "nv" driver Just Worked
for dual-link DVI on his Dell 30" TFT, which is surprising and cool.
By extension, it works fine with the nouveau driver too.  (Nouveau 
is taking nv as a starting point and documenting/accelerating it.)

   > Intel should just put DVI on their motherboards and let people use
   > a trivial external adapter if they want analog RGB out. It should
   > even be cheaper for them, theoretically.

I hear that Intel is making a daughterboard that adds dual-link DVI via
a PCIe crossover to its standard integrated graphics (950?) stuff.  I'll
happily get in line to buy one.

- Chris.
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