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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Mon Dec 18 14:00:28 PST 2006

<quote who="Joakim Ziegler">

> On Mon, 2006-12-18 at 11:10 -0800, Don Marti wrote:
> > begin Jon Masters quotation of Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 11:49:21AM -0500:
> > 3. Nvidia/ATI fanboys keep squawking about Intel gfx being teh suxorz,
> > and they don't have multihead and DVI out, so they're teh suxorz.  And
> > you should really put another damn fan in your computer because it's
> > like, got a cheesy-looking neon-colored duct and shit on it.
> I don't think it's reasonable to group DVI with this. DVI is becoming
> standard, and that's as it should be, there's just no point in running an
> originally digital signal from the graphics card to a digital LCD over an
> analog cable just because. Also, newer, higher-res and larger LCD panels
> can't be driven from analog RGB, and that's going to become more and more
> common. Intel should just put DVI on their motherboards and let people use
> a trivial external adapter if they want analog RGB out. It should even be
> cheaper for them, theoretically.

I have DVI on my Dell D420 dock. It interfaces with the Intel video chipset
via the SVDO bits. Not only can I add DVI, but I could also add TV out. It
is very cool, and will be deliciously supported by Keith Packard's RANDR++
work (see him, and his talk about it at linux.conf.au).

You'll be able to plug in your SVDO DVI adapter (on PCs that have built-in
Intel chipsets, such as the average name brand desktop, or in my case, the
dock for my luscious D420) and instantly mirror or extend onto the DVI

Suckers using the non-free bits will have to wait for ATI and NVidia to
integrate support for RANDR++ in their drivers... and this is why we win.


- Jeff

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