[linux-elitists] Editor Emeritus... wishing it was still Editor in Chief

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sat Dec 16 16:58:17 PST 2006

<quote who="Ilan Rabinovitch">

> On a side note, it looks like SSC is no longer in bussiness. According
> a press release on the site, Carlie Farchild took over  Linux Journal
> and created BellTown Media. [1]


  "In addition to Fairchild, the majority of the Linux Journal team will
  continue in their current roles for Linux Journal under Belltown Media.

  "This is a great opportunity for Linux Journal and for the industry as a
  whole," said Fairchild. "We intend to take a hands-on approach, working
  very closely with community leaders and our base of loyal constituents to
  ensure that the magazine's content will be relevant and useful, and that
  Linux Journal will be an enduring resource. We’re looking forward to
  taking LJ to the next level by focusing on this core capability -
  delivering a highly specialized source of information for Linux

> I'm not 100% sure who has Tux and IT Garage now.

http://www.tuxmagazine.com/node/1000235 -> looks like Phil Hughes is
continuing on, with Tony Mobily as EiC.

IT Garage still has SSC links, but SSC redirects to linuxjournal.com.

- Jeff

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