[linux-elitists] Editor Emeritus... wishing it was still Editor in Chief

Ilan Rabinovitch irabinovitch@gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 15:48:45 PST 2006

On a side note, it looks like SSC is no longer in bussiness. According
a press release on the site, Carlie Farchild took over  Linux Journal
and created BellTown Media. [1]
I'm not 100% sure who has Tux and IT Garage now.

[1] http://www.belltownmedia.com/node?from=1

On 12/16/06, Greg Folkert <greg@gregfolkert.net> wrote:
> Mister Don Marti,
> I sorely miss the just previous Linux Journal Editor in Chief.
> Not that Nic is bad, just that the format and content has become more
> "glossy", "for the n00b, and deadheads in management" and "not for the
> Linux user in the trenches".
> I haven't read the Linux Journal "Cover to Cover" for the last 7 months.
> I just have a hard time finding the "Content". Then when I do, it is
> mostly dumbed down. Though some articles and authors are very much the
> same, I can see "steered editing and writing" rather than allowing a
> freehand.
> The amount of advertising is incredible (latest edition #153, has 7.3
> pages and 2.7 Index/Masthead pages before *ANY* content), the magazine
> is "wider" which has forced me to find different storage (I built a
> cabinet for them, oversight on my part... yes). I'd consider the PDF
> versions... but dam, I already pay for the Dead-Tree version and the
> Dead-Tree version is produced electronically (in some form of publishing
> program) that can output to PDF just as easily to DVI or PS or EPS or
> maybe even (natively) Microsoft Word (.doc) or WHATEVER format.
> It is a crying shame, me being an early subscriber, to be considering a
> cancelling, no... not a non-re-subscriber --- a cancelling, as I almost
> don't want it delivered anymore, period. I just renewed... for 2 years
> out of habit. It is a shame really.
> As far as Linuxworld, haven't brought myself to consistently read it
> since it radically changed from whence it was raised... back when Nic
> was cajoled (additionally, maybe sole reason?) into doing it by many of
> us in the old old original Inforworld Electric Forums, before Infoworld
> screwed them up with "new forum software".
> Thoughts for SSC or Nic or Don? I have additional ones, but they could
> be construed as hurtful and scathing. So I hesitate to offer them.
> Sincerely considering my options.
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