[linux-elitists] Editor Emeritus... wishing it was still Editor in Chief

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Sat Dec 16 10:50:00 PST 2006

Mister Don Marti,

I sorely miss the just previous Linux Journal Editor in Chief.

Not that Nic is bad, just that the format and content has become more
"glossy", "for the n00b, and deadheads in management" and "not for the
Linux user in the trenches".

I haven't read the Linux Journal "Cover to Cover" for the last 7 months.
I just have a hard time finding the "Content". Then when I do, it is
mostly dumbed down. Though some articles and authors are very much the
same, I can see "steered editing and writing" rather than allowing a

The amount of advertising is incredible (latest edition #153, has 7.3
pages and 2.7 Index/Masthead pages before *ANY* content), the magazine
is "wider" which has forced me to find different storage (I built a
cabinet for them, oversight on my part... yes). I'd consider the PDF
versions... but dam, I already pay for the Dead-Tree version and the
Dead-Tree version is produced electronically (in some form of publishing
program) that can output to PDF just as easily to DVI or PS or EPS or
maybe even (natively) Microsoft Word (.doc) or WHATEVER format.

It is a crying shame, me being an early subscriber, to be considering a
cancelling, no... not a non-re-subscriber --- a cancelling, as I almost
don't want it delivered anymore, period. I just renewed... for 2 years
out of habit. It is a shame really.

As far as Linuxworld, haven't brought myself to consistently read it
since it radically changed from whence it was raised... back when Nic
was cajoled (additionally, maybe sole reason?) into doing it by many of
us in the old old original Inforworld Electric Forums, before Infoworld
screwed them up with "new forum software".

Thoughts for SSC or Nic or Don? I have additional ones, but they could
be construed as hurtful and scathing. So I hesitate to offer them.

Sincerely considering my options.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

The technology that is
Stronger, better, faster:  Linux
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