[linux-elitists] Trade secrets or shady dealings? (was: Okay... so now how do I get...)

Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Fri Dec 15 16:29:34 PST 2006

On 15-Dec-2006, Don Marti wrote:
> Some if it is just plain corporate inertia -- sometimes it's easier
> for Management to put a developer to work trying to play catchup
> maintaining a proprietary driver than to come up with a GPL release
> policy.

What of the persistent meme that nVidia and ATI both knowingly violate
the patents of others in the field, and they don't want their 3D
driver code examined for this reason?

What of the persistent meme that there is pressure from Macrovision et
al to keep their technology's implementation details closed to prop up

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