[linux-elitists] Purchase agreements -- for teh win! (was: Okay... so now how do I get...)

Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Fri Dec 15 16:20:03 PST 2006

On 15-Dec-2006, Don Marti wrote:
> In the early days of LCD panels, some vendors redefined a "good"
> panel as one with fewer than n bad pixels.  Buyers defended
> themselves with "no bad pixels" terms in purchase orders.
> A vendor sales person with a signed purchase order from you is a
> powerful tool for shaping vendor policy your way.  You're talking
> someone who knows how to persuade, who knows who the players at the
> company are, who has an incentive to make things come out your way.
> I'm thinking about drafting some boilerplate text that hardware
> customers could start sticking into purchase orders.

Maybe the organisations I'm involved in don't purchase hardware from
the big boys, or maybe I've instinctively avoided issues of purchase
contracts. I've never seen a purchase order more than "these order
lines will be delivered by $DATE for $PRICE".

How common is it to be able to negotiate terms to the degree you're
discussing, and what kind of org will be able to do so?

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