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Chris Ball cjb@mrao.cam.ac.uk
Fri Dec 15 16:17:22 PST 2006

>> On Fri, 15 Dec 2006, "Ilan Rabinovitch" <irabinovitch@gmail.com> said:

   > You mention providing financial support.  Are there any bounty
   > programs for this? or groups accepting donations to be used for
   > driver development?

I asked the Nouveau hackers on IRC if there was some way to donate to
them, a few weeks ago, and they said they need technical help rather
than financial.  However, their current newsletter says:

   We always need help, just drop into #nouveau on freenode.org and
   offer your help. Currently we would really like someone with the
   newly released NVidia 8800 to come to our channel and offer testing
   help. It seems as if some new objects were introduced with this new
   generation of cards. Furthermore, we just noticed that we are lacking
   SLI setup dumps. So if you are using an SLI setup under Linux, please
   run renouveau and contact us!

So, one idea would be splitting the cost of an 8800 card between several
people and sending it to them, or using our contacts to find someone
with one who is willing to run register dumps.  It would be nice to have
a bounty with grander goals, such as hiring someone already hacking on
the project to do so full-time for 1-3 months.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb@mrao.cam.ac.uk>   <http://blog.printf.net/>

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