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Greg KH greg@kroah.com
Fri Apr 21 13:03:49 PDT 2006

On Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 05:27:08PM -0700, James Sparenberg wrote:
>   In the last 7 weeks we have had around 10 days not raining.  4 of 
> them in a row this week.  So for your sake I hope it's not raining 
> more than that.  

Heh, nope, you have all of our rain right now :)

>  On subject the biggest "problem" I have in Linux is dealing with 
> wireless NIC's.  Directly the fault of the manufacturer as the card 
> listed as supported today might not have the same Chip tomorrow, but 
> will have the same FCC number etc.  (grrr) But honestly it's been 
> more than a little while since I've really had to worry about whether 
> or not Linux will support hardware, generally if it isn't so new that 
> an XP install from CD won't find it I'm 100% OK and if XP can't I'm 
> 98% OK.  I actually tend more often to use Linux to find out how to 
> make that other OS run, where in the 90's I used that other OS to 
> find out if I could run on the hardware.  

Wireless is getting better very quickly.  Look at the good stuff in
2.6.17-rc.  It has a bunch of new wireless drivers in it.  The wireless
developers all got together a few weeks ago for the first time and now
they have a good roadmap of what they want to do, and how to do it:

There were some big company names at this meeting that really care about
Linux support.  So I suggest just buying their devices, as you know it
will work properly with Linux (support our friends, and make it obvious
that if anyone else wants to join in, they are also welcome.)

>  My USB experience is that in general Linux, FreeBSD and Mac support 
> it the best with Redmond trailing.  (It seems that 2003 server and 
> some versions of XP have problems with removal and re-insertion)  
> It's so much fun to plug something in and watch friends oo and aah 
> when it gets detected and a window pops up to get me going.  I've an 
> HP camera and it worked out of the box on every Linux box in the 
> house.   Worst problem with USB is that a number of supper cheap or 
> free pen drives really need to be re-formated to work right.  

free flash drives used to be the bain of my existance.  Everywhere I
went people would give me a device and say, "This doesn't work on Linux,
fix it."  Luckily that is very rare these days thanks to the hard work
of the SCSI and usb-storage developers.  And the fact that there are
really only 2 or 3 manufacturers of the bridge chips in those devices
anymore, so the bad ones are out of business now.

>   On the other side.  What's a good "source" for researching jobs in 
> Linux, in Oregon?  

craigslist and dice.com both show a bunch of jobs in PDX for Linux right

good luck,

greg k-h

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