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Chris Ball cjb@mrao.cam.ac.uk
Wed Apr 19 15:31:46 PDT 2006

>> On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Don Marti <dmarti@zgp.org> said:

   > Or better yet, vice versa. As a user, I want any Nikon, Canon,
   > Casio or Olympus digital camera to work 10X better on any Linux
   > laptop it meets than it would on any Windows box (which today in
   > too many cases requires that the user run some install disk). Or
   > (hey, why not) better than any Mac running OS X as well.

   > Same with every printer, scanner, external HD, CF or SD card...
   > whatever.

   > What's it going to take? Also, what do people not know now that
   > they ought to know (such as, say, where it's best to run the
   > driver).

   > My goal is to convince the audience that any device should relate
   > better with Linux than with any proprietary OS. I want to give them
   > the reasons why. I want to convince them that next year's (or
   > whenever's) generic Linux laptop will be a better device companion
   > than anything from Microsoft (via its captive HW OEMs) or Apple.
   > Because that is the Inevitable Nature of Things. (That's what I
   > believe, but I need facts and informed insights to back that up.)

   > As for the audience, we have to assume every level of technical
   > knowhow; but a high level of interest in any case.

   > Thanks!

   > doc

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