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Subject: Plug 'n' Pray to Plug 'n' Play: What's it Going to Take?
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That subject is the title of the talk I'm giving at the Desktop
Linux Summit next, um... lessee...  Monday at 1 pm, it says here:


And I'm looking for help.

What Needs to be Done for desktop (and especially laptop) Linux --
to work with whatever devices come along.

Or better yet, vice versa. As a user, I want any Nikon, Canon, Casio
or Olympus digital camera to work 10X better on any Linux laptop it
meets than it would on any Windows box (which today in too many
cases requires that the user run some install disk). Or (hey, why
not) better than any Mac running OS X as well.

Same with every printer, scanner, external HD, CF or SD card...

What's it going to take? Also, what do people not know now that they
ought to know (such as, say, where it's best to run the driver).

My goal is to convince the audience that any device should relate
better with Linux than with any proprietary OS. I want to give them
the reasons why. I want to convince them that next year's (or
whenever's) generic Linux laptop will be a better device companion
than anything from Microsoft (via its captive HW OEMs) or Apple.
Because that is the Inevitable Nature of Things. (That's what I
believe, but I need facts and informed insights to back that up.)

As for the audience, we have to assume every level of technical
knowhow; but a high level of interest in any case.



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Don Marti

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