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The ongoing saga of CAS/ACS and NIH/PubChem. Perhaps the senators
should be informed that the facts aren't.

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In reviewing the posts that resulted from my "eminent domain" question
earlier this week, I am even more disturbed by the government taking
aspect of this question and the damage it threatens to the ACS' chemical
stewardship activities.

I am working on a letter that concerned members could send to their
Representatives in Congress. The current draft is at
http://www.paterra.com/LetterForACS.rtf. This is an MS Word document.

Representatives and their addresses can be found at
http://www.house.gov. Just enter your zipcode+4. Senators can be found
at http://www.senate.gov.

Members who want to use this letter should 1) download it, fill in the
address (your Representative's closest local office may be better than
the Washington address) and edit as appropriate, 2) print and sign it in
blue ink, and 3) mail it.

The Lobbying 101 rule of thumb is that one constituent letter
equivalently represents the views of 1500 constituents. Letters matter.


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