[linux-elitists] my first freelance linux job!

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Fri Sep 16 23:35:57 PDT 2005

  After years of being a clueless Linux newbie on
lists like this (by way of badvogato, crackmonkey, and
various communities at woozle.org) I finally learned
enough to get a freelance sysadmin gig -- and I didn't
even have to pester and annoy Rick Moen or Karsten
Self to get the job done!

  It's funny how when you are working on a bunch of
stuff at once, you might think you have a question for
somebody, but then get so sidetracked solving three
other problems that you totally forget to send the
mail, and then you might find a workaround that makes
the question irrelevant, but when you finally switch
back to the virtual console with your email in it, you
might decide to send that question anyway because you
can't imagine taking the time to communicate your
seven new questions which you're probably about to
answer for yourself anyway.

  Wednesday was kind of like that. I set up Postfix,
Amavisd-new, ClamAV (no installation candidate for
f-prot), SpamAssassin, Apache2, SquirrelMail, Dovecot,
no, wait, Courier-IMAP (Dovecot was slow), OpenSSH and
rsync on an Ubuntu server with Maildir (superior
to Mbox -- check out mb2md for converting Mbox
mailboxes to Maildir format) all in one day. I went an
hour over the five hours we had agreed upon, but I
still think it was a good debut!

  Today I installed a Smoothwall firewall with three
NICs for gigabit Ethernet -- green for the LAN, orange
for the server farm, and red zone for the world.

  Tomorrow it'll be the Samba server, and after that
we'll still need to set up SquidGuard. Five servers!

  Of course, everything must be finished by Monday,
when everyone comes back to work -- so I have to stop
babbling and go to sleep!

Sat Sep 17 02:24:26 EDT 2005
The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (99% of Full)

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