[linux-elitists] The desktop in your pocket

Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Mon Sep 12 17:09:50 PDT 2005

On 26-Jan-2004, Jim Richardson wrote:
> Personally, my travelling tools are as follows. 
> Zaurus SL5500:
>    Good screen, usable kbd, decent hw recog, poor battery life, but
> I have a doodad that will power it from AA/AAA batts for a while
> (about the size of a pack of cards, with the batteries inside of
> course) Cost today, about $250, more for the newer versions. 

Is this still what elitists like to use for their PDA? A newer model
perhaps? Is there now more choice for PDAs running a free software OS?

> 128MB Keydrive:
>    Plenty of storage, partitioned for 64MB storage, 64MB Flonix (a
> young distro, but useable, and improving all the time) Cost, $40
> from RadioShack or elsewhere. 

Now that 1 or 2 GB USB fobs are common, what distributions are people
booting from?

> BBC CD, Damn small Linux:
>    Minimal Knoppix derivative, not quite as good in the HW detection,
> but works on 99% of the machines that Knoppix works on IME. 
> Cost about $1 for the blank. 

The DSL guys now even sell a USB fob that boots. This seems like a
smart option; is it?

> Knoppix 8cm CD:
>    Needs little introduction I think 
> Cost, basically free. 

Is a Knoppix CD redundant if one has a bootable USB fob?

> Areas I would like to improve. 
> Newer Zaurus [...]
> iPod like storage device [...]
> Finish putting together CD with suite of needful tools [...]
> All the above *with* the chargers and accessories, should fit in a
> standard mid-large fannypack. Or in the pockets of a multi-pocket
> vest, without making me fear for the pieces everytime someone bumps
> into me.  

What's the state of play on such a fanny pack's worth?

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