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> You should contact the Cornell Theory Center folks.  They have (one of 
> the very few) windows clusters around, and lots of experiences 
> running/building/managing them.

I am not qualified to pass judgement on CTC's choices, but by the look of 
it (see http://www.tc.cornell.edu/CTC-Main/Services/Support/ 
general_topics.cluster_status.info.htm) they are busy in ways rather 
uncommon for HPC :

DOWNTIME: Wednesday September 14, 8am-5pm
REASON: Apply Microsoft Security Patches.
Posted Friday, 19 August 16:25
The computer worm that was released into the Internet around August 13th 
affected the stability of the CTC Windows domain. ...
DOWNTIME: Wednesday August 17, 8am-5pm
REASON: Install new image on V2 nodes. (Windows 2003, sp1). See details 
below. Apply Microsoft Security Patches.  
DOWNTIME: Wednesday June 29, 8am-5pm
REASON: Apply Microsoft Security Patches.



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