[linux-elitists] Leitl on Enterprise Software.

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Mon Oct 31 06:25:49 PST 2005

I don't know about anyone here, but sometimes the stuff we get here is
just regurgitation. Sometimes that reiterating is a good thing,
spreading the word(s) to an audience that is typically motivated enough
to get the word(s) out to others that are not "with clue" or are "clue

Sometime those forwards make me think for days, though a petty spoon
will do that for me (sometimes you have to realize the truth)

But in any case I'll provide a URL to a message I stumbled across in the
Friends of Rohit Khare [FoRK] mailing list archive. Dated Thu Apr 21
01:07:49 PDT 2005. It is our own Mr. Leitl. It seems he does have some
very good insight into some venues, despite what others may say to the
contrary. That said, I think this one particular message is well thought
out and makes much sense of the subject matter at hand.

Just to let you know, it is amazing what one can find when you aren't
looking for it.


greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

The technology that is 
Stronger, Better, Faster: Linux

Use Debian GNU/Linux, its a bazaar thing
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