[linux-elitists] GNU/Linux box as a RAID device?

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Wed Oct 26 12:35:56 PDT 2005

<quote who="Chris Palmer">

> You could also put a gigabit Ethernet card in the Linux machine, run Samba
> on it, and connect the Mac to the Linux box via crossover cable.  You
> could even expose the RAID to many Macs, if you have a real switched
> gigabit network.
> There may be latency and/or bandwidth problems with this idea, depending
> on how demanding the video application is. But regular old Ethernet and
> Samba make a simple, compatible and cheap solution if you can get away
> with it.

CIFS and NFS are seriously poo for video production work (apart from clips
and archiving and stuff).

- Jeff

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