[linux-elitists] GNU/Linux box as a RAID device?

Joakim Ziegler joakim@avmaria.com
Wed Oct 26 12:10:11 PDT 2005

A friend of mine is setting up his own company to do video
postproduction, editing, etc. He's been working with this stuff for a
long time, and he works on Macs, being quite happy with them.

However, a problem with Macs is that it's hard to get cheap RAID into
them. There are external boxes, but they tend to be expensive. Few RAID
controller cards support MacOS, and even if there are some, there's not
much space for extra disks inside the G5 boxes.

So, he asked me something the other day, which made me think. He wanted
to know if he could set up a Linux box with a bunch of (SATA or SATA-II)
disks in RAID, and then hook his mac up to that box via SCSI or Fiber
Channel, and have the RAID device show up as a SCSI device on the Mac

Thinking about it, it seems like it should be possible. So, is there any
way to stuff a Fiber Channel or SCSI card in a Linux box and export a
device so it looks like a SCSI device to another machine? I'm assuming
it's more of a software problem than a driver problem, especially with
Fiber Channel, since Fiber Channel can be routed and so on without

Anybody have thoughts, or know if this can be done? According to our
calculations, he could get a 3-4TB RAID setup for near half the price of
an external premade RAID enclosure this way.
Joakim Ziegler <joakim@avmaria.com>

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