[linux-elitists] I hate you, Greg.

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Wed Oct 26 09:54:15 PDT 2005

begin  Greg KH  quotation:
> And the point of this message was what?

Just Head-Freezin' 'gene's forward habit.  He's a lot like the
internet-newbie archetype in that respect.  He never even adds his own
commentary, and seldom trims his headers.

We had to holler and yell on the pigdog list to keep him from BOUNCING
mails to the list, in the old days.  Fortunately for us, almost no list
software permits that any more.

Hey, how come nobody here in the future                 Nick Moffitt
has a time machine except me?                     nick@teh.entar.net

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