[linux-elitists] Large LDAP deployments

Stephen R Laniel steve@laniels.org
Wed Oct 26 09:27:53 PDT 2005

I'm in a discussion with my boss about deploying LDAP or
something like it across my organization, which has around
200 people. He's advocating a Mac OpenLDAP server, because
he says it's a great amalgam of LDAP, Kerberos, and WinBIND.
And apparently Apple gives unlimited OpenLDAP site licenses
when you buy an XServe, which makes it cheap. It also sounds
cool, because you can push apps out to all of your desktops
without much trouble at all. And I guess OpenLDAP has lots
of cool GUI admin tools for managing a number of machines at

Alternatively, he's talking about Novell's eDirectory, which
he says kicks the butt of any other directory service.

The trouble with eDirectory and OpenLDAP, from my
perspective, is that they're not open source. Apparently
eDirectory is only supported on Novell-approved Linuces like
SuSE or possibly RHEL.

So: can anyone out there recommend a directory server that's

1) as featureful as OpenLDAP;
2) as easy to administer as OpenLDAP;
3) affordable for 200-odd seats; and
4) open source?

Stephen R. Laniel
+(617) 308-5571
PGP key: http://laniels.org/slaniel.key
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