[linux-elitists] I hate you, Greg.

Greg KH greg@kroah.com
Wed Oct 26 08:00:58 PDT 2005

And the point of this message was what?

If you have a problem with me personally, fine get in line over there
behind the others and I'll add you to my procmail filters (right now
john gilmore is at the rear of that line for some misguided reason:

If you have a problem with the way Debian handles udev, I'll point you
to the proper place to complain about that.  Debian is slowly sinking
into the muck and it's fun watching it happen.

If you want to lament about devfs going away and I should have never
taken such a wonderful thing out of the kernel, and how horrible I am
for breaking your machine that had been working for the past eight
years, then just do that.  I have quite the interesting collection of
these misguided and ill-informed messages and one more would certianly
be a welcome addition.

And if you just want to whine because things change, and try to pick on
someone else for you not following directions properly, well, bully for
you.  Feel better now?


greg k-h

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