[linux-elitists] More crudeness and light

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Tue Oct 25 17:09:56 PDT 2005

begin  Teh Entar-Nick  quotation:
> My crontab then just looks like this:
> 0 3 * * *       cd ~/grabs/ && while read i < feeds; do /usr/local/bin/podcast $i; done

Er, here of course I thought i was being oh so clever with my
eradication of /bin/cat where a simple < will of course do.  As anyone
who's ever tried a < in the while section of a while loop wil ltell you,
that "read" starts over each time, so you get infinite iteration over
the first line of the file.  Not a recipe for success.

0 3 * * *       cd ~/grabs/ && cat feeds | while read i; do /usr/local/bin/podcast $i; done

...works much better.

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