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FN's Eye on FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software  ........


MEET INDIAN FLOSS BLOGGERS: http://planet.foss.in/
FOSS4US blog (NGOs and FLOSS) http://foss4us.org/blog


<mail@atulchitnis.net> writes on the
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foss-in-announce/ list:

          This is it, the last day of speaker and talks
          registration for FOSS.IN/2005.

By midnight tonight (October 8th), we will be closing
registration for talks for the technical and community
sessions of the event. Speakers who have registered but not
submitted any talks will be removed from the speaker database

          So if you are planning to submit any talks - you
          have till midnight tonight (GMT+0530!)

FOSS.IN seems to be generating massive amounts of enthusiasm
in the Linux community, and *especially* in the BSD community
(who have proposed several talks and workshops), the Gentoo
community, the Debian community, etc.

The FOSS community rulez!

I will send in another mail giving you some top level stats
about talks and speakers once we close registrations tonight.

          Once registrations close, we will spend a couple of
          days sorting things out, checking which talks need
          work on, and will release the first shortlist
          (minus work-in-progress talks and "star" talks) on
          schedule in the evening of the 12th of October. 
          (See the schedule at http://foss.in/2005/cfp/).

Once clashes and WIP talks are sorted out, we will release a
second list with these added. "Star" speakers will be
announced as soon as the remaining major sponsor
confirmations come in.

Call for participation for business sessions and student
talks will go out early next week. Stay tuned. Atul

FOSS.IN/2005 India's Premiere Free & Open Source Software
Event Nov 29 to Dec 2, 2005 Bangalore Palace.  foss.in/2005
Speaker Registration open till Oct.08, 2005


Sunil Abraham sunil@mahiti.org of Bangalore sent across this
note from his friend Dev <dev@thairuralnet.org> who put
forward a specific proposal.

          Dev wrote: "I need your help to find young social
          technopreneurs (in your circle its probably Open
          source software engineers who might want to design
          a game like WFP Food Force or other software)."

Global Knowledge Partnership's Youth Social Enterprise
Initiative (YSEI) fellowships are designed to help social
entrepreneurs achieve their goals from the initial idea
through to project implementation and impact creation. 

They seek to support projects by young people who are
creating impact with innovative solutions to social problems,
especially those using information and communication
technologies (ICTs) for development. YSEI will support
fellows by providing mentorship and training programmes;
networking; and seed grants.

If you are a young social entrepreneur (age <30) from India,
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and Malaysia in search for
support and opportunities. Please visit
www.globalknowledge.org/ysei OR www.futureshifters.net to
learn more and submit your proposal by 31st October 2005.

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is a Global
Knowledge Partnership (GKP) Youth Program supported by the
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Its
partners include MITRA, OrphanIT, TakingITGlobal,
YoungAsiaTelevision, Philippines Resources for Sustainable
Development (PRSD), Development Research Network (D.Net) with
TRN as the intiative's lead.

Sunil Abraham <sunil@mahiti.org> also happens to be manager
of the IOSN.net In addition, he's behind the Mahiti group in
Bangalore. http://www.mahiti.org 314/1, 7th Cross, Domlur
Bangalore - 560 071 Karnataka, INDIA Ph/Fax: +91 80 51150580.
Mob: (91) 9342201521 UK: (44) 02000000259


YOUNG NETWORK IN GOA: Our friend 'DP' of the Goa Lug
rediscovered this abandoned network and is trying to rebuild
it. It's in the town of Ponda in central Goa. A place where a
small but committed number of techies are deeply interested
in GNU/Linux. Please offer your support:


AN INTERESTING LINK: Guru Prasath <aprasadh@gmail.com> posted
to the SonaLUG <sonalug@yahoogroups.com> recently, a link
that gives an interesting background, in all its graphic

          Unix history in graphic.


George Easaw <geasaw@gmail.com> of the Goa Engineering
College, the live-wire behind Free/Libre and Open Source
Software in that part of Goa, reports:

          The Goa Engicos linux iso, it is available for
          download from http://www.gec.ac.in/me , the
          temporary homepage of the mech engg dept.

          There you can find the link to engicos.iso. Right
          click and click on 'save link target as' and save
          it to your pc. Cut it on a cd and you can start the
          pc afresh.

Contact: George Easaw Mech Engg. Dept., College of Engg.
Ponda, Goa, 403 401. INDIA. ring : (0832) - 2319185


essay at

Why Linux needs a mentor program By: Tarun Agnani: Imagine
you're a new Linux user. You ordered an Ubuntu CD weeks ago
and forgot about it. You're surprised it actually comes in
the mail. You slap the shiny disc into your PC and cross your
fingers. The installation is quite slick. You're impressed by
the splash screen and attractive desktop. Wow, you think
you're hot stuff -- a Linux user. But the euphoria fades as
you realize there's a problem with your modem. Now what do
you do? ...


FLOSS FELLOWSHIPS FROM SARAI: V Vivek <viyyer@sarai.net>
announces the Sarai/CSDS Short Term FLOSS Fellowship,

          The Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of
          Developing Societies, Delhi (www.sarai.net) invites
          applications for fellowship to projects in the area
          of Free Software, Open Source Software and Social
          Usage of Software.

Sarai invites developers, researchers and programmers
(practitioners as well as students) to propose projects in
the area of free and open source software applications
relevant to educational, social and community needs. They are
looking for original ideas, as well as proposals to localize
and adapt existing software and applications to South Asian
conditions. They are also looking for ideas around technical
manuscripts, beginners' manuals, review manuscripts etc.

Some of the focus areas are:

- Indic Computing
- Developing/Distributing/Supporting a standalone / addon
  localized  Linux distribution
- Printing support (i.e. ability to print in Indian
- Multimedia / Publishing Tools Research
- Developing / Enhancing Tools like GIMP, Scribus for
  publishing quality work
- Enhancing current audio/video tools available under
- Fixing/Supporting Cinelerra, LiVES etc
- P2P
- Researching on feasibility and implementation of P2P news
  distribution network
- Researching and developing
- Collaboration Tools/Frameworks
  (Apnaopus, CreativeDot  ) 
- Developing extensions for the project newsrack
- Low Resource Computing
- Devising solutions for networked computing in Low Resource
  Spaces (Define the parameters of the "low resource space"
  and work on it)
- Generic
- Developing Linux drivers/software for easily available
  hardware (usually the cheapest hardware available on the
  market is not supported under Linux (scanners, webcams etc))
  [This would include writing a howto on how to get it to
  work under popular distributions (redhat, pcqlinux etc) and
- Review papers on emerging technologies
  - Indic Computing
  - IPV6
  - Wireless Networks
- Manuscripts for beginners

For more information visit www.sarai.net. Sarai says it "is
committed to promoting the free software and open source

Conditions: Applicants should be resident in India, and
should have a bank account in any bank operating in India.
These are support grants and grantees will be free to pursue
their primary occupations, if any. Mail your project
proposal, workplan and CV to both the following addresses:
floss at sarai.net

Please mark your subject line 'FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source
Software) Initiative'.  Also point out what you see as the
relevance of your work, and how you plan to share the
resultant software once finalized.

Enquires: floss at sarai.net

Note: Proposals from teams, partnerships, collectives,
faculty are welcome, so long as the grant amount is
administered by a single individual, and the funds are
deposited in a single bank account in the name of an
individual. *** Knowlege is power... share it equitably!


          MAILING LIST FOR e-learning in FLOSS:


Copyleft -- verbatim copying, with credits -- allowed/encouraged.

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