[linux-elitists] Do programmers prefer Microsoft .Net ?

quasi@cream.org quasi@cream.org
Mon Nov 28 04:46:07 PST 2005

> Has anyone else observed this?  Anyone care to comment on the ease of
> development using Microsoft .Net?  How about Mono on Linux verses J2EE
> on Linux?

>From personal experience, .NET development with VS2005 is almost, but
not quite, as straightforward and well-polished as doing Java
development; for those doing development in Java already, there's no
compelling argument to want to switch, even though it's an easy switch
to make, with C# being mostly like a 'fixed' Java.

For those doing GUI development on Windows, which is almost everyone
doing in-house application development in every large firm, moving to
.NET from Visual Basic, Visual J++ or (where possible) Visual C++ must
probably seems like something of a no-brainer.

>From my perspective, Eclipse is still a better all-round IDE than Visual
Studio at the current time. But C# and .NET are the marginally better
languages and VMs.

In terms of the APIs, I can't really comment. Although I know the Java
libraries like the back of my Dilbert, I haven't done enough coding in
.NET to comment.

But the drag-and-drop RAD application development certainly makes GUI
developers (especially those with a VB background) happy. And Swing
blows goats. I've seen the photographs.


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