[linux-elitists] Heise covers Greg K-H

Aaron Burt aaron@bavariati.org
Tue Nov 8 23:55:07 PST 2005

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 04:12:10PM -0800, Don Marti wrote:
> begin Greg Folkert quotation of Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 03:41:46PM -0500:

> > As Editor Emeritus, were you put out to pasture?
> No, I chose to leave because I found an excellent
> opportunity elsewhere.
> http://zgp.org/~dmarti/blosxom/business/don-marti-spikesource.html

Yay! Open-source software testing is teh nifty.  To splice threads, it
is IMO one of the most valuable things the OSDL has been working on.

Stating the obvious:
Traditional testing takes lots of money to pay test engineers.  OSS
gets a lot of free ad-hoc and usage testing due to its release methods
and "submit a patch and be a hero" social dynamics, but nobody wants
to write or maintain broad test suites and regressions for free.

I really hope to see some bright individual come up with a way around
all that.  Wine had some test suites going for a bit, but I don't know
where that went.  The obvious, mercenary way is to take the OSDL route
and convince Linux players to pool their OSS-testing-and-stability
money by funding an independent lab, but there's got to be a clever
way to raise a volunteer army of testers.

Heck, Amazon Mechanical Turk was able to keep me fascinated for a good
hour looking at pics of storefronts in Seattle and Portland while
earning a few pennies.  Perhaps there's something there.

Or maybe I'm just easily amused,

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