[linux-elitists] Heise covers Greg K-H

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Nov 8 16:12:10 PST 2005

begin Greg Folkert quotation of Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 03:41:46PM -0500:

> I got the Print version Saturday. Phil Hughes wrote:
>         I know we are all going to miss Don Marti. Many of us LJ folks
>         have known Don "forever", and we have worked with him for five
>         years. Don had the big picture, knew his bits and was a great
>         writer -- exactly the right mix.
> The goes on with his piece.
> What did you do Don, smack every one on the knuckles with a ruler, on
> your the way out?


> As Editor Emeritus, were you put out to pasture?

No, I chose to leave because I found an excellent
opportunity elsewhere.


> I guess I completely missed your exit interview. A great loss for the
> LJ.

Well, we all have our own media brands now.  

For a long time it's been true that if you're an
expert in something you don't have to deal with
the middleman -- just write the article and put
it up.  Can you afford to do it if that's what you
do for a living, though?  Google AdWords doesn't
pay enough, or we wouldn't be reading this:

But will that change now that there are three
contenders for your site's text ad plan?  Google ads
are more effective than regular ads, and there can
potentially be fewer intermediaries between advertiser
and webmaster, so won't

Writer - Google - advertiser

ultimately result in more money for the writer than

Writer - publishing co. - ad sales - ad agency - advertiser

...as long as Google has some healthy competition?

Google is already offering referral fees
for new AdWords sites (D00D READ MY BL0G!!!
http://zgp.org/~dmarti/blosxom/media/squeak.html) to
get as many webmasters signed up as possible before
MSFT and Yahoo get into it, and I predict that's the
first shot in a text ad turf war.  MSFT's cash hoard
vs. Google's first mover advantage and superior ad
placement algorithms vs. Yahoo Publisher Network's,
um...anyway, winner: writers and webmasters.

Don Marti
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