[linux-elitists] Re: Petitition for Nvidia to Release Open-Source Drivers

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer@videotron.ca
Tue Nov 8 09:10:23 PST 2005

Rick Moen wrote:
> Lacking that, what I _do_ know is that just about every online discussion of 
> video over the past five years gets instantly blitzed by punks who think
> framerate is all that matters, and that loading buggy binary crap into
> kernelspace is just fine.  I'm tired of that.

Quite simply, that's because the graphic requirement of day-to-day 
computing is a solved problem (so there is no contention), while 
visually interesting gaming as a niche will stay out-of-reach of Linux 
forever if the status quo remain.  You can shrug it of all you want, but 
there is still a cross-section of people who care about Linux and who 
care about gaming.  For those people, the status quo is not 
satisfactory.  It's not about framerate, it's not about the purity of 
your dogma, it's about being able to use your computer for what you want 

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