[linux-elitists] Zapping wireless at conferences (was Re: Science!)

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed May 25 15:05:05 PDT 2005

begin Jim Thompson quotation of Mon, Apr 18, 2005 at 12:49:20AM -1000:

> >Bellardo and Savage overview of attacks
> >http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/~savage/papers/UsenixSec03.pdf

> I was speaking mostly to these (from the Usenix paper):
> (continued description of interrupting the NAV)

Chris DiBona comes down on the side of taking down
wireless during presentations, too.

  "I've done this, and I've gotten less out of conferences than I should."


Dude, I can totally understand this, but what about
the people who are getting set to go all Dan Gillmor
on your ass?


By the way, I like to take notes on my laptop and
mail them to myself, so all conference speakers,
don't assume I'm ignoring you.

Anyway, is there an overall measure that a computer
can figure out of how much attention the user is
paying to it?  Just counting X events/minute might
be a good start.  If you had a good measurement you
could do things like light up a red "don't bug me, I'm
concentrating" light, tell IM and phone applications
to go into "do not disturb" mode, or only play music
from the work playlist.  You could also schedule
mandatory typing breaks a few minutes early if the
user happened to be in a natural lull.

Don Marti

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