[linux-elitists] So, when is the Linux Journal gonna give up and finally

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Mar 29 09:41:23 PST 2005

begin  Greg Folkert quotation of Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 08:54:47AM -0500:

> Release a service pack (content update?) to the CD-ROM Archive, I so
> regularly use? I'd even be willing to buy the damn update as an ISO to
> download.
> So, Don, seeing how you maybe kinda have a little bit of influence...
> well?

Let's get the me having any influence thing out of the
way first.  Timing and format for the archive CD-ROM
is the business side, and I'm on the editorial side.
You wouldn't want ad-mongers picking articles,
would you?

Current subscribers can get web access to HTML
versions of articles all the way up to the current
issue, so if I didn't have a shell account on the LJ
server I'd probably write a script to snarf, de-Flash,
and archive the current issue and run it once a month.

(Yes, LJ has started accepting Macromedia Flash ads.
Now do you believe I have nothing to do with the
business side?)

As long as we're on the subject of plugins,
how do I get rid of the "additional plugins are
required..." bar in Firefox without installing the
actual plugin?  I'd like a polite inoffensive plugin
that just displays grey boxes where the puzzle pieces
are now, and doesn't bug me.

> 2002 is getting a bit far back for some of the trends we are seeing now
> and we really need the reference from the "Source" to make sure the
> Agents don't get the upper hand.

The current archive CD goes up to 2003.  Archive
CDs come out every year, but by the time the CD
comes out there are a few issues not on the CD,
so it's always a little behind.  But the archive
CD does have the amazing jsFind "Cross-Platform
CD Index" -- a search engine in JavaScript:

> Or is that whole archive thing not flying well? I hope not, as I use
> mine quite a lot. I even have it available to me on the web. (But in a
> protected area, so as not to do the anal-IP-leakage, like Olestra(tm)
> does).

I've only found _one_ person hosting an infringing
copy of an LJ archive CD.  I sent him polite mail
assuming it was a mistake in his Apache configuration,
and he changed it to local-only the same day.

Of course, the LJ authors tend to be accomodating
free-software friendly types, so if you need an
article to distribute with project docs you can always
just ask the author.

Don Marti
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