[linux-elitists] Latest Microsoft war-by-proxy: Immersion vs. Sony

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Mar 28 21:59:58 PST 2005

begin  Karsten M. Self quotation of Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 08:43:58PM -0800:

> SCO vs. IBM.  Wang vs. Netscape.  Now: Immersion vs. Sony.
> Do I see a pattern emerging?

Yes.  MSFT's standards are going up.

The Wang "bookmark patent" was weak, and they lost on
a summary judgment motion, which kept Wang v. Netscape
from turning into the case that made all the Linux
freaks get PACER accounts.


SCOX didn't even _have_ a relevant patent, and their
other evidence seems not to have shown up.  The case
is petering out, but it did go far enough to make
Linux freaks get PACER accounts and get 12-19% of
customers considering Linux to reconsider or delay.
MSFT missed its chance to take advantage of the
SCOX mess with a product launch targeted at the
"enterprise" Linux market, but the other SCOX funder,
Sun, didn't.

Next big chance: Eolas.  But instead of pulling the
old "license the bogus patent to fund harassing the
competition" move, MSFT chose to fight.  Message:
don't waste our time with the weak stuff any more.
They really don't have a choice -- the alternative is
throwing 8-figure checks at bozos who get clobbered
before they see a jury.

Strangely enough, Forgent, the "JPEG Patent" company,
has sued everybody _but_ MSFT...



Don Marti
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