MCI boots send-safe (Register) -- adds a net of 11 more spam hosts (was: Re: [linux-elitists] Spam spam spam spam)

Rick Moen
Wed Mar 2 12:06:57 PST 2005

Quoting Karsten Self (

> Spammers, and by extension, those supporting them in gross material
> ways.

If you intended to say that -=other operations=- of those who spam should be
attacked and shut down -- e.g., Web sites that advertise and sell
bulkmail software -- then you should have said so, clearly and
forthrightly.  As worded, your post carelessly implied that the Internet
host in question is a spam source.  But it is not.  Thus my point.

Shutting down spam sources and shutting down other business run by the
same people are _very_ different things.  Members of your audience might
well support the former but not the latter.  Eliding the difference in
your advocacy is either grossly careless or _very_ shoddy rhetoric.

You can do a lot better than that.  And should.

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