MCI boots send-safe (Register) -- adds a net of 11 more spam hosts (was: Re: [linux-elitists] Spam spam spam spam)

Karsten M. Self
Wed Mar 2 11:50:27 PST 2005

on Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 11:07:00AM -0800, Rick Moen ( wrote:
> Quoting Karsten Self (
> > Strawman, Don.
> > 
> > Adults judge cases on their particulars.  Spammers, particularly gross
> > spammers, are exploiting huge externalities and dumping their costs on
> > the rest of us.
>    ^
>    |  Right here is your tacit suggestion that the Internet host in question
>    |  was a spam-sender host.  Instead, it advertises and sells a bulk-email 
>    |  package.  Thus Don's point.  Greater logical rigour would be appreciated.
>    v
> > Actions such as pressuring MCI and forcing Send-Safe into marginal
> > hosting arrangments internalizes those costs.  Makes the mighty market
> > work efficiently.

Spammers, and by extension, those supporting them in gross material
ways.  Going to lengths to provide tools to escape countermeasures and
reasonable attempts at thwarting same.

Send-Safe is in this category.  There's little the firm is known to do
that isn't directly associated with spam.  MCI have a significant
spam-related profile, but also provide legitimate services.  We're
looking at discouraging the former and encouraging the latter, in their


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