MCI boots send-safe (Register) -- adds a net of 11 more spam hosts (was: Re: [linux-elitists] Spam spam spam spam)

Karsten M. Self
Tue Mar 1 16:31:39 PST 2005

on Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 04:07:20PM -0600, Rob McGee ( wrote:
> If you don't like spam
> If you're a member of ACM
> OR
> if you're NOT a member of ACM
> OR
> if you've never heard of ACM
> That should include about everyone here.
> Executive summary:
> Vinton G. Cerf, Senior Executive VP of MCI and a co-creator of the 
> TCP/IP protocol suite, is scheduled to be honoured for that creation by 
> the ACM ( ) in June. Dr. Cerf has paid lip service 
> to anti-spam efforts whilst his company provides the largest source of 
> "bullet-proof" spam hosting on the planet. When confronted, Cerf makes 
> lame excuses for this inexcusable corporate behaviour. Members of the 
> SPAM-L mailing list are preparing to lodge a formal ethics complaint 
> against Cerf with the ACM.

The Register reports that MCI have evicted Send-Safe:

    Send-Safe spam tool gang evicted by MCI
    By John Leyden
    Published Tuesday 1st March 2005 13:13 GMT

    US telco MCI Worldcom has caved in to mounting pressure and booted a
    site that sells spamming software off its network.,
    which sells a package that uses broadband-connected PCs infected by
    viruses such as SoBig to distribute junk mail, has been left
    searching for a permanent home after 18 months with MCI. moved briefly to a Russian hosting firm over the
    weekend before pitching up on Lycos' Tripod network for around six
    hours before once again been evicted. The site is currently out of
    commission but the Send Safe package itself remains operational.

    Send Safe is integral to the illegal trade in compromised PCs,
    according to anti-spam organisation Spamhaus, which led a sustained
    campaign to force MCI to kick and other proxy spam
    gangs off its network. Spamhaus accuses MCI of being on the wrong
    side of the fight against junk mail not just by hosting but becoming a safe haven for spammers in general.

    Steve Linford, director of Spamhaus, said that MCI has not changed
    its policy and only got rid of because "the amount of
    heat it was getting was too much to handle." Spamhaus was supported
    in its campaign to hold MCI to account over its business
    relationship with by organisations such as the London
    Internet Exchange. "Nobody else in the West will host Send-Safe but
    we still expect to be fighting its developers for years," he added.


One down, Um, 204 to go.  They're still up a net of 11 spamhausen since
we started this thread:

Note too MCI's P/L figures.  $32m loss reported last week (not sure if
that's quarterly or annual).  The $5m in spamhaus revenues they're
seeing is a significant portion of that, whether taken as quarterly or
annual revenues.

That said:  the pressure seems to be working.  Somewhat.  I say keep it


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