[linux-elitists] Save Chip!

Marcia Wilbur aicra@well.com
Thu Jun 30 22:19:22 PDT 2005

Ouch. They took his computer?!

Let's get them!

Seriously, I think he has a good case in that he had not gone outside of
the scope of his job duties. However, this type of unnecessary harassment
screams emotional distress suit to me.

I mean, nevermind the fact that they took action by force, that in
itself is extremely concerning. Actually convinced a judge to get a
warrant, entered his home...?!!!

They took his computer... his router...
would that not cause anyone some distress.

counteraction, of course!


On Thu, 30 Jun 2005, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> Chip Salzenberg, sometime contributor to this list, though I believe he
> may have other FS credentials[1] is currently under legal action from
> his (presumably former) employer, one Health Marketing Science of King
> of Prussia, PA.
> The story's on Slashdot:
>     http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/06/30/1854228
>     Perl's Chip Salzenberg Sued, Home Raided
>     The Courts | Posted by jamie on 03:30 PM June 30th, 2005
>     from the whistleblower dept.
>     Chip Salzenberg writes "In April of this year, Health Market Science
>     of King of Prussia, PA, told police that they feared I was
>     misappropriating trade secrets. That very afternoon, police raided
>     my house with a search warrant to seize every computer in the house,
>     paper files, CDs, and DVDs... even my wireless router and cable
>     modem!" Chip was the pumpking for perl's 5.004 release. Keep reading
>     for his description of his current legal troubles, and for a
>     shortcut into what he says prompted his former company's actions,
>     read his letter warning about abuse of open proxies.
>     Chip continues: "The key evidence in the search warrant was so
>     ridiculous as to be surreal: CVS logs indicating that I downloaded
>     more than I uploaded, and that I sometimes accessed the company
>     network from home. Apparently, for company management, the police,
>     and a judge, working at home through a gateway the company set up
>     for that very purpose, and refraining from editing every source file
>     for every code change, is a sign of nefarious behavior.
>     My behavior in accessing the company network was entirely within my
>     job description and in no way involved misappropriation of anything.
>     For the more than two years that I worked at HMS, I used ssh and CVS
>     to access company files with my laptop both from work and home, with
>     management knowledge and approval.
>     What would lead management to such a sudden action? Days beforehand,
>     I had made an internal report of unethical and apparently illegal
>     behavior by the company: Use of open proxies for web harvesting to
>     avoid blockage by web site operators. HMS apparently decided that
>     working with me to address their use of open proxies was not an
>     option.
> I'm aware that we're hearing only one side of the story at this point,
> but I'm inclined to see that Chip receives all the help he can stand.
> Seems that there might be folks on this list, or known to this list, who
> may have been victims of the harvesting efforts.  Coordinating evidence
> of such activities might be useful.
> Otherwise, I know we've got some lawyers in the community as well, would
> very much like to have any who can assist.
> Peace.
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> Notes:
> 1.  For the sarcasm impaired:  he's among the leading Perl developers,
>     and was pumpking (release manager) for the 5.004 release.
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