[linux-elitists] Re: more on next obvious question. Plus speculations on the whole subject.

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Tue Jun 7 12:26:42 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 10:44 -0700, Greg KH wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 01:27:35PM -0400, Greg Folkert wrote:
> > Nice to know that. But the other question is, how long until someone
> > takes the DRM out of OSX? Errr or Binary patches it out, makes a BIOS
> > enhancement... you know the gamut of the stuff.
> I predict it will take less than 2 weeks.  But why would we care, we
> don't want to run OSX anyway... :)

I know that, I rather run Linux (Debian in my case Sarge++ Yeah!)

Though I run Sid.

> (disclaimer, my SO runs OSX on an ibook, and I use it every so often and
> really like it for some things...)

On a personal note, OSX is to touchy-feely for me.

> > On another IBM Front.
> > IBM has Cell Processor, therefore not caring about desktop performance,
> > as RISC mode PowerPC is so much more dependent on On-Chip Cache and over
> > all Memory bandwidth, than GISC mode. IBM also wants out of the current
> > "Desktop Computing" field of play. This forces Apple to shop for a
> > vendor willing to help it out. Thus, switching to Intel, which has been
> > salivating for years. Intel using rather "questionable/unproven"
> > hardware DRM. IBM has a new customer for the Cell Processor: Sony and
> > its Playstation 3 (PS3). 90 millions PS2 units have been sold since
> > launch... impressive is a word I'd use. If the PS3 does its duty, prolly
> > more(how much more? dunno) of them will be sold in a similar amount of
> > time. Apple seems to be wanting the DRM to pursue other media outlets
> > (iMovie or something)
> Ob Linux reference, the PS3 is running Linux underneath it all...

Yeah! Yes, I heard this, but thought it was the RumorMill(tm).

> > Intel:
> > Fighting to get back at the (mindshare) top. Seeking to get into
> > anything it sees as beneficial to its image. Lovingly accepts Apples
> > advances. Though, it seems at a price undetermined by anyone willing to
> > talk. Intel also losing ground to AMD, VIA and IBM in certain areas of
> > the market. One also notes that Intel at time has been a heavy Linux
> > contributor.
> "has been"?  Hah, they are contributing now more than ever.  And looking
> to hire more Linux people too, if you know of any :)

Misstated, should have been: Intel at times, has been and currently is a
heavy contributor

I guess, what I really meant, there was a time when Intel contributed
Heavy, then was rejected a bit due to the Linux Kernel not working that
way, they dropped down quite a bit, then took up the process again.

I am sorry for the confusion.

> > Transmeta:
> > Transmeta hired Linus. Transmeta releases Crusoe, does quite well for an
> > unkown product or Manufacturer. Transmeta allows Linus a sabbatical to
> > work at OSDL, with a sponsorship. Transmeta is very quiet lately. Too
> > quite. IBM has the Cell Processor able to do most if not *ALL* things
> > Crusoe does do / has done ruining many avenue for them to go. Transmeta
> > has also contributed to Linux in more than one way, and still does
> > today. One wonders if Transmeta is ripe to be absorbed/purchased by a
> > large company, not being Intel.
> Transmeta is dead, see this weeks reports about it.  They have sold off
> their chip business and only have a few software engineers around for
> their code translation licenses.

It is really, too bad to. I guess, IBM will have an easy time grabbing
them then.

> > Linux:
> > Recently, much hula-ba-loo has been had about the code repository stuff.
> > OSDL is sort of related, mainly Linus works there, Trudge works there,
> > too.
> OSDL isn't related at all.  They are useless and provide no help or
> guidance or anything that is actually useful to the Linux community
> (besides giving a nice paycheck to a very few people, which on it's own
> does not justify its existence.)  In fact, they have been a hindrance at
> times, but we've learned to just ignore them which lets us get our work
> done easier.
> If you want to hear more OSDL rants from me, buy me a beer :)

As soon as I bump into you somewhere, its a deal.

> > Much attention of Geeks and Media alike has been focused on this
> > for far too long. Also, some interesting patches have been argued on the
> > LKML as of late.
> What patches are we talking about here?

Now, you are gonna make me go look. 

> > (Yes, I have done the unsub, I prefer to read it in
> > Newsgroup form now). I also notice significant progress being made in
> > Fastboot, OpenBIOS and other hardware "basics" coming along nicely. Many
> > countries, companies, groups and companies are flocking to aid Linux in
> > progressing to a better place than we are now.
> Yes, the company involvement is now bigger than it ever was, which is
> good, as they are slowly learning our processes and rules, it hasn't
> been the other-way-around.
> > There are some pieces missing, Motivation is one, unless you know what I
> > am supposing. Another is the actual players, as most of what I pointed
> > out are just pawns. 
> > 
> > There ends my pointing out of facts. Let us just see how many people
> > followed along.
> > 
> > I am not a conspiracy theorist, never have been, but I do find it easy
> > to see things, patterns, motions other cannot.
> > 
> > I wonder how much longer it'll be before this plays out.
> Hm, so you are implying that some larger company, with huge amounts of
> cash, are toying with Linux in some way or manner?  I really don't see
> the connections at all, but I might be too far buried in the details to
> see the big picture...

Yeah, I think someone at IBM is working the whole thing out. SCOG and
Transmeta, being purchased/snagged by IBM.

greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

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