[linux-elitists] Re: more on next obvious question. Plus speculations on the whole subject.

Greg KH greg@kroah.com
Tue Jun 7 10:44:16 PDT 2005

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 01:27:35PM -0400, Greg Folkert wrote:
> Nice to know that. But the other question is, how long until someone
> takes the DRM out of OSX? Errr or Binary patches it out, makes a BIOS
> enhancement... you know the gamut of the stuff.

I predict it will take less than 2 weeks.  But why would we care, we
don't want to run OSX anyway... :)

(disclaimer, my SO runs OSX on an ibook, and I use it every so often and
really like it for some things...)

> On another IBM Front.
> IBM has Cell Processor, therefore not caring about desktop performance,
> as RISC mode PowerPC is so much more dependent on On-Chip Cache and over
> all Memory bandwidth, than GISC mode. IBM also wants out of the current
> "Desktop Computing" field of play. This forces Apple to shop for a
> vendor willing to help it out. Thus, switching to Intel, which has been
> salivating for years. Intel using rather "questionable/unproven"
> hardware DRM. IBM has a new customer for the Cell Processor: Sony and
> its Playstation 3 (PS3). 90 millions PS2 units have been sold since
> launch... impressive is a word I'd use. If the PS3 does its duty, prolly
> more(how much more? dunno) of them will be sold in a similar amount of
> time. Apple seems to be wanting the DRM to pursue other media outlets
> (iMovie or something)

Ob Linux reference, the PS3 is running Linux underneath it all...

> Intel:
> Fighting to get back at the (mindshare) top. Seeking to get into
> anything it sees as beneficial to its image. Lovingly accepts Apples
> advances. Though, it seems at a price undetermined by anyone willing to
> talk. Intel also losing ground to AMD, VIA and IBM in certain areas of
> the market. One also notes that Intel at time has been a heavy Linux
> contributor.

"has been"?  Hah, they are contributing now more than ever.  And looking
to hire more Linux people too, if you know of any :)

> Transmeta:
> Transmeta hired Linus. Transmeta releases Crusoe, does quite well for an
> unkown product or Manufacturer. Transmeta allows Linus a sabbatical to
> work at OSDL, with a sponsorship. Transmeta is very quiet lately. Too
> quite. IBM has the Cell Processor able to do most if not *ALL* things
> Crusoe does do / has done ruining many avenue for them to go. Transmeta
> has also contributed to Linux in more than one way, and still does
> today. One wonders if Transmeta is ripe to be absorbed/purchased by a
> large company, not being Intel.

Transmeta is dead, see this weeks reports about it.  They have sold off
their chip business and only have a few software engineers around for
their code translation licenses.

> Linux:
> Recently, much hula-ba-loo has been had about the code repository stuff.
> OSDL is sort of related, mainly Linus works there, Trudge works there,
> too.

OSDL isn't related at all.  They are useless and provide no help or
guidance or anything that is actually useful to the Linux community
(besides giving a nice paycheck to a very few people, which on it's own
does not justify its existence.)  In fact, they have been a hindrance at
times, but we've learned to just ignore them which lets us get our work
done easier.

If you want to hear more OSDL rants from me, buy me a beer :)

> Much attention of Geeks and Media alike has been focused on this
> for far too long. Also, some interesting patches have been argued on the
> LKML as of late.

What patches are we talking about here?

> (Yes, I have done the unsub, I prefer to read it in
> Newsgroup form now). I also notice significant progress being made in
> Fastboot, OpenBIOS and other hardware "basics" coming along nicely. Many
> countries, companies, groups and companies are flocking to aid Linux in
> progressing to a better place than we are now.

Yes, the company involvement is now bigger than it ever was, which is
good, as they are slowly learning our processes and rules, it hasn't
been the other-way-around.

> There are some pieces missing, Motivation is one, unless you know what I
> am supposing. Another is the actual players, as most of what I pointed
> out are just pawns. 
> There ends my pointing out of facts. Let us just see how many people
> followed along.
> I am not a conspiracy theorist, never have been, but I do find it easy
> to see things, patterns, motions other cannot.
> I wonder how much longer it'll be before this plays out.

Hm, so you are implying that some larger company, with huge amounts of
cash, are toying with Linux in some way or manner?  I really don't see
the connections at all, but I might be too far buried in the details to
see the big picture...


greg k-h

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