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On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 09:08 +0200, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> I presume by now everybody heard -- what's your thoughts on impact for open
> source *nixes?
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> From: "Jonathan S. Shapiro" <shap@eros-os.org>
> On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 15:31 -0400, David Farber wrote:
> >What will Apple do to stop me from using the Apple enviroment on  say
> >a  ultralight Sony [or similar].
> >
> The developer kit released today is based on the Pentium 4. Until this
> was clear we didn't know *which* Intel processor was under discussion.
> Here are the technical impediments to running OS X on generic PC's:
> 1. Drivers. Hundreds of thousands of drivers.
> 2. Application binary compatibility.
> The second one we have already discussed, so let me address the first:
> 1. Apple selects the devices that it wishes to support in a first-class
> way. I.e. the ones that exist on apple machines.
> 2. *If* apple wants to support the OS on third-party machines, they make
> interfaces available that enable third-party drivers, such as the
> existing Linux drivers, to be ported to their OS. The existing OS is
> BSD-based. It would be very feasible to add a binary module loading
> interface that would allow existing linux drivers to be executed
> **without raising any licensing problems.**
> There are several graduate students I know who could do this whether
> Apple wants to or not.
> However, there are statements circulating that Apple does not wish to
> support this usage, and has no plans to do so.
> If I wanted to *prevent* this behavior, it's very very easy. I take
> advantage of the DRM technology on the latest generation of Pentiums to
> ensure that the OS only runs successfully on machines shipped by Apple.
> shap

I'll give it a week, maybe two, if the DRM is really complex. I'd bet
those "several graduate students" could take care of that problem,

What I am curious to see, how long it takes for Apple *AND* Intel to
pull a DMCA violation/take-down thinger.

I fully doubt Apple nor Intel have realized the level of Skill of "those
devoted" to cracking DRM and hacking a workaround for it. Some of these
people are extremely competent and very motivated for "religious{1}"

I see Apple, failing this acid test, along with Intel. As the muster is
far beyond what they expect it to be.

{1} used in the sense of zealotry
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