[linux-elitists] Did Linux-Elitists Mailing List drop off...

Charles Mauch cmauch@taclug.org
Thu Jul 28 18:56:01 PDT 2005

Greetings from Tacoma, WA, USA, hometown of Lee Boyd Malvo, Don!
On Sunday, July 24, in the 2005th year of our Lord, you wrote:

> Did the Elitists all start blogs or something?

New to the list, but I have a blog.

/me hangs his head in shame.

But like most bloggers, I rarely update it and it's full of
life-stories and other never-read-nonsense.  Actually, I do know of
one potential employer who read some of my more extreme
anti-commercialism-death-to-proprietary-software-model rants
I wrote five years ago.  I never heard from that interviewer again.
But (ehem), that was for a job at the Linux Research Lab at Microsoft.
So in hindsight, maybe my blog saved me from a life of stocks, luxury,
and proprietary software... ;)

> Maybe it's time to convert this forum from a Mailman 
> list to a Planet site.  But not having threading 
> would be a definite minus.

I sometimes think that email lists are slowly going the way of the
BBS.  I look at major Linux Distribution forums (ubuntuforums,
forums.gentoo.org) and then at traffic on their mailing lists and its
clear the M(asses) have clearly chosen their platform.

I just wish there were email gateways into most of those web forums.
Then I could fill them up with my PGP/Mime/Signed sigmonstrosities.

Hell, I'd setup Email::Filter rules to bounce their posts that
contained HTML in em ;)  I can only dream....

> What's the right header to put in your outgoing mail 
> to pimp your feed?
> X-D3wd-Check-Out-My-RSS-Feed: 

I like.  Adding it to my mutt headers file... Can't have enuough

> Someone let me know what it is and I'll make a 
> "Planet Elitists".

Just be sure I can post to it from my email client.  Or heck, REQUIRE
that you post from your email client.  Setup a bunch of seperate
mailing lists where we can post to the frontpage or into one of those
"shout out to my homies" scrollbar doohickeys.

That might be fun^H^H^Helite. :)

Take it easy, [cmauch@taclug.org]

Charles Mauch, FSF Apologist, Debian/Ubuntu/Gentoo user, etc.
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